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Aloe Vera Oil DIY

Aloe Vera has so many benefits for the hair and skin. This is why we used Aloe Vera Juice first in the Rice & Flax formula. Aloe is a natural cleanser and full of vitamins that help your hair stay healthy and strong.

The Rice & Flax Nourishing Hair Oil does not contain any Aloe Vera at all. So I took it upon myself to make some Aloe Vera oil at home. It took about an hour from start to finish including prep time.


1 Aloe Vera leaf
2 cups of Grapeseed oil


2 qt saucepan
Bottle or container with lid
funnel – to pour oil into bottle or container
Cheesecloth or strainer (I used an organza bag because that is what I had on hand)
cutting board

Step 1. First things first. Clean everything. Wash all of your supplies and surfaces you will working on. Wash your Aloe Vera leaf and pat dry. Using a knife and cutting board you are going to cut off the bottom, top and prickly sides of the leaf. Then cut the leaf into smaller pieces for the next step.

Step 2. Put your Aloe in a bowl and fill with water. Soak your Aloe leaf for about 20 minutes to remove the Aloe latex. This is a yellowy substance at the base of the leaf. It causes allergens and irritation so be sure to remove all of it.

Step 3. Now that your Aloe is prepped let grab the cutting board and knife and slice up the leaf into thin slices.

Step 4. Add slice Aloe leaf to saucepan and add two cups of grapeseed oil. Turn on heat to medium so warm the oil. Once the oil begins to boil turn down the heat to simmer the remainder of the time.

Step 5. Allow the oil to simmer for about 30 minutes maybe longer. You want the Aloe Vera to look like sliced pickles once done. You may see your Aloe begin to change colors. Once your Aloe looks like slice pickles remove from heat.

Step 6. Allow oil to cool completely before transferring to your container or bottle. I used 8 oz. bottles that I already had for my shampoo and conditioner.

I have been keeping my Aloe Vera oil in the window seal. It’s cool in Ohio and its been sitting there for two weeks now. No problems with it yet. I added this oil to my Rice & Flax Nourishing Hair Oil along with another oil in which I will give you all the deets in the next video.

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